Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Acquisition. Robert Carrier - Cookery Cards

One of the best things about going to the Recycling Centre is having a look for old recipe books.  There are the usual mountains of Microwave Cookery books, stuff with pages stuck together and now and again you find a gem.

Pristene and un-used I found a set of Robert Carrier Cookery Cards!  Bargain at 50p

The Cakes, Sweets and Puddings cards have such classics as Summer Pudding, Bavarian Cream, Rice A La Royal, Fruit Medley and more.  I am dating this to the 60's as that is when he was most active with publishing books etc.

Who was Robert Carrier? I am far too lazy to write his obituary, which has been helpfully written here.  Thanks Telegraph!  To summarise though, he was one of the first celebrity chefs although known more for his flamboyant nature and dubbed one of London's Gayest Gourmet's.

He had a couple of Michelin Starred restaurants to his name, a cookery school and other interests which he gave up completely in 1982.  Later lived in Provence and painted. Alright for some?

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