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The vintage nature of the books that I am bringing to your attention, means they are not always available on Amazon or in a mainstream bookstore. However, some of the more recent books might be available and where possible I'll give full bibliographic information and a link to Amazon.

The Good Housewives Encyclopedia (1963) by Paul Hamlyn
The cooking section of this book is full of traditional recipes.  The wording is brief and expects the reader to have some knowledge of traditional cooking.

Farmhouse Fare (1973)
An amazing collection of recipes from farmers wives, sent in to Farmers Weekly.  The recipes are very brief but there are many of them that are traditional regional dishes and modern convenience recipes (modern for 1973)

A lovely book with a brief selection of classic fifties recipes in.  This book gives the budding host, all the information needed to run a successful dinner party.

Cookery Illustrated and Household Management (1936)
One of the latest additions to my collection.  This wonderfully large tome gives the inexperienced housewife a point of reference as to running a successful household.  Such a mindset is hard appropriate these days, but this book contains some classic recipes which are still relevant today.


500 Recipes For Suppers and Snacks (1974)
A cheap paperback designed for meals in a flash.  Developed by Marguerite Patten, they have the modern fast living family in mind.

500 Recipes for Sweets and Candy (1963)
A recipe book completely devoted to making home-made sweets!  I am going to include some recipes from this because they simply look so much fun!  Again these are collated by Marguerite Patten, and are designed to be made at home by amateurs. Have a go!
A note about Copyright.
The recipes that I include on this website are adapted from these books.  Adapted can mean a number of things but most recipes are re-worded where needed.  Credit is ALWAYS given and these recipes are not my own, I am researching and producing material for the help of my readers and not to take credit for creating any of these dishes.
There is some interesting discussion about this, first off in The Guardian back in 2006 and here on the Lawdit website.  A recipe cannot be copyrighted per se.
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