Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cold Lamb Cutlets in Jelly - from Recipes Rare From Everywhere pre-1940


Put a neck of lamb (well trimmed) in a stewpan or earth. earthenware pot with only just enough water to cover, with 1 onion, 4 cloves, I blade of mace. Stew very gently with the above (if possible) for an hour, trimmings to be stewed with it. When done, lift out the meat, let the stock cool, take off the fat, add a pinch of soaked gelatine and a. dessertspoonful of flour. Let them boil in the stock, stirring all the while to keep it smooth. Lay this mixture all over each outlet separately, and let it get cool and firm. Dish up with frills round, a pile of cold vegetables-cut into shape-er with lettuce and tomatoes, etc.

Mrs. d’A nson.

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  1. Chris, I have just discovered this brilliant blog of yours! Courtesy of a friend who was looking for a recipe and found it here. Are you still a foodie writer? There doesn't seem to be much activity here this year..