Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aristocrat Sparkling Punch - 1950's

So last night, I sat down to write up this recipe in to my steaming blog-pot of recipes and felt that engulfing feeling of numbness overcome me completely.  So tonight, with a bit more energy I bring you a 1950's dinner party favourite.
I have neglected cocktails on this blog because they're not edible, but when I started this blog I had themed parties in the back of my mind.  So here is a little party favourite to think about for the weekend, and yes I know it is only Tuesday but let us look ahead.

1 bottle of burgandy
4 ounces brandy
1 quart sparkling water
2 bottles of champagne
1 cup cube sugar

1. Dissolve sugar in a cup of sparking water and pour into punch bowl.
2. Add burgandy and brandy, stirring well.  Place a block of ice in the bowl and add champagne and the balance of sparkling water.
3. Garnish the top of iceblock with strawberries or raspberries, or other fruit in season and float thin slices of two oranges on top of punch.

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  1. hi there chris. i hope to taste your punch soon.

    visiting all the way from philippines. :)