Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Braised Beef With Prunes and Wine

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This will serve between two and four people.

2 lb, piece of lean beef (either a flank, rib or chunk)
1 large piece of bacon rind or lean scraps of bacon
1 oz. fat
8 oz. onions
8 oz. carrots
8 oz. prunes, cooked
half a level teaspoon of salt
quarter a level teaspoon of pepper
half a pint of red wine
8 oz. noodles
Grated parmesan cheese

1. Chop the onion and carrots.  Wash the bacon rind.

2. Melt the fat in a deep saucepan or enamelled cast iron casserole.  Fry the meat in it until golden brown all over.

3.  Remove the meat and put the bacon rind in the bottom covering it with the vegetables.

4.  Add the seasoning  and wine, returning the meat.

5. Cover and cook gently in a slow oven for 2.5 to 3 hours or until the meat is tender.

6. Just before dishing up time, boil the noodles in salted water; drain and arrange round the edge of the platter.

7. Carve the meat and arrange slices in the middles of the noodles and put the vegetables, prunes and sauce around it.  Sprinkle noodles with cheese and serve with peas, green beans or spinach.

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