Thursday, December 29, 2011

Recipe Vintage: So far so good?

Recipe Vintage came out of a love of cooking, recipe's and the urge I have to share them with people.  So far, I think I am achieving this with my collection of Vintage recipe's and I hope that everyone is enjoying them as much I am, writing them and adapting them.

I have found some recipe's for home made cheeses and wine too which I will post up today, or tomorrow.  I urge you to have a go at anything that takes your fancy no matter how simple it might be, anything that doesn't work at all let me know and I can tweak them or even create a 'challenging recipe' category for those who want to take on the beefier bad-ass ones.

I am going to start posting some weirder older recipe's too and one that involves a Calf Head I found in Farmhouse Fare and a couple of other curiosities.

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